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“A marvelous tale packed with ancient advice that works for modern times. This book shows you practical techniques for handling life’s challenges more easily.”

— Marshall Goldsmith,
author of the New York Times bestsellers
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could become happy and successful by simply changing your mind?

Meet Olivia, the newest hire at Mighty Power’s customer service call center. Excited to have a stable job and a good salary, Olivia starts out with a sunny disposition and a can-do attitude. However, the constant barrage of angry calls from frustrated customers soon wears her down. Instead of handling these irate customers in a calm, professional manner, as she was trained to do, she loses her temper and strikes back.

Terrified that she will be fired for her behavior she asks Isabel, an experienced rep and the call center’s wise woman, for help. The extraordinary advice she receives changes her life, and may change yours, too.In this modern-day parable, author Barbara Burke introduces 22 unforgettable life lessons that are the framework for living a happy, struggle-free life.

We learn that while we have no control over much of what happens to us in life or the behavior of others, we can choose our reaction. The secret to success is being able to stop long enough to see situations clearly—to see “what is.” Making this one small change gives us the power to make better decisions and get better outcomes. Being more mindful enables us to handle even the most challenging interactions with customers, co-workers, friends, and family with grace and ease.

The Napkin, The Melon & The Monkey serves as both a powerful resource for business professionals looking for easy-to-use tools to sharpen their “inner game” and as an inspirational tale for those who want better relationships and a happier life.

The 4 Key Elements derived from ancient wisdom.

  • SODA (Stop. Observe. Decide. Act) — remaining mindful, resisting judgment allows us to see “what is.” The sure-fire formula for staying calm in any emotionally-charged situation (including customers who are acting badly.)
  • Unplugging — a centuries-old practice to reduce anxiety and promote creativity.
  • Aha!s — 22 practical wisdom insights that become the framework for living a happy life.
  • Storytelling — the wisdom stories within the story offer time-tested lessons any one can use to be happier and more successful.