Happiness is an inside job!

Barbara’s powerful presentations change lives — and organizations.

Living The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey Philosophy: Happiness is an inside job!

You may not have control over many of life’s events (or the behavior of your customers) but you doNMM soft cover 3 D have the power to choose your reaction.  Learn simple steps you can take today to have a happier tomorrow.

This inspiring seminar delivered at your location, is the perfect choice for managers and event planners looking for a transformative group experience that not only inspires and motivates their employees, but gives them practical tools they can use immediately in all areas of their life.

Join Barbara Burke, the author of the best-selling customer service fable, The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey as she takes your group on a life-changing journey of personal discovery. Seminar participants instantly relate to the story of a newly hired service rep working in a call center who learns how to struggle less and enjoy life more when she takes the sage advice of the center’s wise woman.

Participants not only learn practical techniques for handling irate customers and managing stress, they learn how to improve relationships with everyone in their life.

Four Interactive Experiences Your Attendees Will Absolutely Love



 SODA (Stop. Observe. Decide. Act)
An age-old, surefire formula for staying calm in any emotionally-charged situation (including customers acting badly.) Attendees get to share one of their funnier “SODA” Moments.

How to get to that quiet place in one minute or less. Attendees learn this centuries-old mindfulness meditation practice that reduces stress and unleashes creativity.

22 Aha!s – Snippets of ancient wisdom that really work.
The 22 practical wisdom insights (Aha!s) provide a framework for living a happy life. Each person gets to pick their “Personal Aha!”

Storytelling. Experience the power of a well-told story.
Attendees not only learn the ancient wisdom stories featured in the story that offer time-tested lessons any one can use to be happier and more successful, but get the chance to share their own stories.

Participants walk away from this powerful experience feeling refreshed and revitalized having gained a freshing perspective on how to live a life free of struggle and stress by understanding that happiness is an inside job.

Special Bonus — a book signing session with Barbara
> Presentation Formats: Typical seminar is 1.5 to 2 hours in length, depending on the group size. There is a half day (3 to 4 hour) version available which is perfect for leadership team building sessions and off site retreats, as well as a 60 to 90 minute version tailored to keynotes and general sessions at conferences.
> Customized to fit your audience: Barbara visits with event planners prior to the event to learn about the participants so she can customize the material to fit.
> Venues:  Customer Service Week event, on-site team building seminar, off-site supervisor retreat,  annual employee meeting, and keynote or general session presentation for association conferences.

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